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98 SNAKE EATER 2nd March 2019 02:08 AM

Two check valves inline?
I have an AirMaxxx 480 in my beater XB and it's been pretty solid over the last couple of years.

The check valve failed, so I replaced it with an SMC recently

Then came to find out the leader hose is leaking, so I ordered a new one.

Haven't installed it yet, but I was wondering if I would have any issues just changing the leader and running both the included check valve and the SMC check valve inline?

The vendor in which I ordered the leader hose from says to go ahead and run both check valves, however, I remember speaking with a ViAir tech years ago and he saying running two check valves may cause leakdown issues (sumthin about not having enough pressure for the second check valve to close properly)

Gunna tear it down tomorrow

MarineOne 2nd March 2019 10:49 AM

Re: Two check valves inline?
I wouldn't.

The purpose of the check valve is to:

1. Prevent leaking back down to the compressor and;

2. Relieve the stress on the line coming from the compressor and going to the tank.

By design, the purpose of the check valve is to keep the pressure in the tank at all times, This gives your compressor, leader hose, and air line from the compressor to the tank a break from all the heat and pressure.

Putting in a second check valve would still help keep the compressor from acting like a check valve, but it won't relieve the pressure in the line going to the tank and would create more wear and tear on it than anything.


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