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ARRazor 8th December 2019 12:46 PM

Ford F250 Wiring Help
Hey all. New to forum. Need some help with wiring. Just got a HornBlasters Conductor Special with spare tire delete. Everything is installed and now I am in need of some wiring help. I also ordered a push button switch as I dont want to use stock horn. The instructions say to "wire a fused (5A) wire from any 12v source to your switch." Need some help figuring out what 5A wire i should use to wire my switch. Any suggestions on a 2015 F250? I am not great when it comes to wiring so as much detail that can be provided would be appreciated.

Also, I someone can tell me what wire (color) I should use for wiring the pressure switch to the Ignition positive / Accessory of the truck?

Thanks in advance for help. Struggling here.:confused:

repeatman 25th January 2020 09:51 PM

Re: Ford F250 Wiring Help
I'll Chime in here. It does not matter what color wire you use but as a reference I like to keep red + and Black - or whatever color wire I have left over from Other projects lol. as for the 5 amp circuit for the switch to the horns, I would run a new wire from B + into the cab with a fuse on it to the switch then from that to the horns. as for your Ignition Positive and depending on if you have large fuses or mini, I would use whats called an "Add a Circuit"

Use a Volt meter or test light and see what fuses are Powered "On" when the key is in the Run position. run that to your pressure switch then from your pressure switch to pin 86 on a RELAY

^^^ Like that. You will also need to run a 30 amp fused + wire from your battery to Pin 30 on your Relay, Pin 85 Ground, Pin 87 To your Compressor. Find a metal surface to use a self tapping screw and ground your compressor, Relay, and Horn solenoid. Questions? Don't hesitate to ask. we are here to help :D

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