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Originally Posted by BARBER View Post
I had the guys help me wire in my setup. Compressor is powered by a key on source and when the key is on I have a toggle switch to either turn the compressor on or off. I'm also using a push button for the horn. This should help you a lot.....

This one shows how my relay is wired.

Little more wiring of the horn button.

Also, I could not find a single 'key-on' source on my '08 in the under or inside fuse boxes. Finally found one in the small box located by the parking brake pedal under the dash. Also found a constant hot source for the horn button. Four wires were ran down the driver door sill, out the cab pressure vent on the back of the cab and then into my box. One was the compressor power wire, two were for the pressure switch, and fourth for the horn button.
What size are those two fuses ? Thanks
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