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Old 13th December 2011
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Default Re: how do I install an Oasis XD4000 on my truck

I'd guess that if your wanting to use the pump a lot at once you'd need a bigger alternator or a battery that can deliver the power for a while even if the alternator can't keep up.

It's good to get an alternator that can deliver more than enough power because an alternator at "full field" (100% load) can get hot pretty quick and if it doesn't have a good cooling system, it might start to smell after a few minutes unless you rev up the engine to keep the alternator cool (like 3000+RPM).

I'd also be a bit concerned with the surge power required. I don't know if the Oasis compressors have capacitors built in but you may want to put a few big car audio capacitors in between the pump and the power source.

You might be able to run the compressor with the stuff you have already, just watch the alternator temperature and monitor the battery voltage with a cigarette lighter volt meter or something.

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Default Re: how do I install an Oasis XD4000 on my truck

A new or fully charged Odyssey PC2150 (AGM / group 31 / 100 AH) battery will run an Oasis compressor for 10 minutes before the voltage drops and the compressor slows down. It will continue to run slower and slower until it shuts down from low voltage. That's without a charge to the battery.

The Sears "Platinum" group 31 battery has the same specs, cost less, and I've heard they're made by Odyssey.
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