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Old 6th July 2012
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Default Leslie RS5T-F Scuba Tank Setup!

Hi everyone! My name is Mike. This will be my first post, but a post I have been wanting to do for a LONG time. Im not new to the forum but never had time to post anything with my work schedule So here goes!

To start My horn came to me brand new, was never put on a locomotive! Bare aluminum. I decided to paint the bells Glossy Black, and the Power Chambers Candy Apple Red and the back of the PC chambers Black. First I primed everything up with Rustoleum Self Etching Primer, then started the painting which took a few days to complete. After painting the worst part was yet to come, I decided that I wanted the letterings on the bells to stand out, so i got an xacto knife and spent hours chipping away the paint, it was a F****** Nightmare, BUT it was well rewarding! After that I clear coated the entire thing. Check out the album I have for more pictures!

I know there is a great deal of talk about scuba tanks and use with a train horn. Most people want to run the horns directly off the scuba tank which, will work, but due to the small hole on the scuba regulator the horn would get air starved. I wanted to design a system that would give my horn the proper air flow and everything be detachable. I went with a scuba tank rather air compressors because I wanted a temporary system that could be easily taken on or off. I didnt want to hassle with air compressors, and also I didnt want to spend major amounts of money since the horn itself and my paint job already took a big dent in my wallet!

The start of my project was to customize the scuba regulator, I had to heavily modify the high pressure port which took the longest of my entire job. It was relatively easy but was just time consuming. a certain part I had to order from McMaster Carr which was pricey as sh** for being as small as it was!

When the scuba regulator was finished, next step was to modify the 20 gallon air tank which didnt take but a few hours to get everything attached.

When it comes down to filling, I attach the scuba tank via 1/2" union to 1/2" Ball Valve that is fixed to my air tank. To fill I open the Valve and open the scuba tank up about half a turn and monitor the pressure gauge. When its at the desired psi (usually about 135-140) I close it, unscrew the union and thats that!

Off my 80cf Scuba Tank I can fill my tank two times. It acts as my portable air fill station. And even off one fill I get a great deal of blasting time.

After that all is left to do is attach the Trigger Wand (as I call it) to the 2nd ball valve via 1/2" union then the hose to the horn which connects to a 1/2" 90* Elbow and 1/2" Union. The hose will be for another story as that took a long time to find the right fittings and what not.
I have aboslutely no air restrictions in my setup, no air compressor quick connects, and even the "barb" fittings I used for the hose are 5/8" inner diameter. It sounds amazing! Ive posted a sound clip from insdie my car, but ill get some better ones soon!
I really like the system i created, it functions as its suppose to and its one LOUD mofo, it actually vibrates my car when it sounds off.

Im working on a hornblasting video, ive have literally dropped people with this beast, Ill keep you guys informed when its ready!

If anyone has any questions let me know, I will go further into detail if needed.

Thanks guys!

Check out the video!

This is a vid of my setup installed in my car.

This is a recording from inside my car.
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Old 6th July 2012
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Default Re: Leslie RS5T-F Scuba Tank Setup!

The lettering looks good. Welcome to the forum (finally)
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Old 6th July 2012
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Default Re: Leslie RS5T-F Scuba Tank Setup!

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