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Old 9th May 2012
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Default Re: LED Tail Light Thoughts

Originally Posted by KenethBongard View Post
LEDS are much brighter than the circle 5mm. Just know what LEDS they use and products with pics or video flexible led strip
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Old 9th May 2012
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Default Re: LED Tail Light Thoughts

Originally Posted by Bryan View Post
2 year bump!!!!
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Old 13th November 2012
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Default Re: LED Tail Light Thoughts

[QUOTE=08fordsd350;47428][U]I'm looking to replace my OEM tail light assemblies on my 08 F350 with [COLOR=Black][URL="http://www.niceledlights.com"]Peimar led[/URL][/COLOR] assemblies (not LED replacement lamps). I'm looking for ones that look as close to OEM as possible, but a lot brighter.

There's a ton for sale, but I'm having problems figuring out what makes one better than the next - thoughts??[/U] [U]

Also, if you have any brand favorites, I would really appreciate your rationale.[/U]

I think you need to search more online shops. You will get plenty.

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Old 28th January 2014
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Default Re: LED Tail Light Thoughts

Can someone explain me what is core/core exchange, is it bulb?
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Old 27th November 2016
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Default Re: LED Tail Light Thoughts

If you want something close to stock but more bright, why don't you just keep the stock headlights and install new bulbs. There are basically two options (not counting HID, because they are illegal in many states and you can easily get a ticket for having them in your headlights. So options one - install bright white halogen bulbs something like Philips or [URL="https://www.carid.com/sylvania/info/comparison.html"]Silvania ZXE (can check the comparison)[/URL]. The are slightly brighter than stock halogen bulbs but have that diamond white tint to them which looks very nice. Second option is installing LED bulbs in your high/low beams. they are brighter than halogen bulbs, have that white tint but not as glaring as xenon or HID bulbs, which shouldn't bring any problems with cops. They also require ballasts like HID lights, but they are much more stable.
I tried aftermarket headlights on my previous 06 Sierra, but they are not really bright, unless you switch the bulbs to something brighter.

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