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Old 28th September 2016
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Default Compressor and Extreme Vibrations

I'm about to purchase my first train horn ever (yay me right). I own jeep that's lifted but I do a lot of mud and water crossings so I feel I'm forced to mount the compressor in my cab. I can easily fit it in the rear of my jeep but I also have a 1600w 15" subwoofer for when I'm feeling ratchet. Am I wrong in assuming that massive bass is a bad idea next to the compressor? Or do some of you run a compressor and haven't had issues with a bass system? Please let me know. Thanks
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Old 29th September 2016
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Default Re: Compressor and Extreme Vibrations

As much as a compressor vibrates when it's running, it shouldn't matter with a 15 hitting nearby.

Which compressor are you getting? You might be able to mount it in the engine bay.

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Old 29th September 2016
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Default Re: Compressor and Extreme Vibrations

Depending on which compressor you're getting, some are completely weather sealed - although you'll always want the air intake in a dry spot, plus making sure that any wiring/connectors are watertight. If you can put it inside the cab though, those issues are taken care of.

I doubt that the woofer will upset the compressor. The compressors already create enough vibrations by themselves.
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Default Re: Compressor and Extreme Vibrations

Welcome to the forum.
The expanding and collapsing magnetic field from the compressor motor might effect your woofer more than the other way around.
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Old 7th December 2016
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Default Re: Compressor and Extreme Vibrations

Mount the compressor high in the engine compartment and it should be fine as long as you're not submerging the engine compartment while using a snorkel. (And if you are, well, most of your cab locations are likely submerged, too...)
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Old 7th March 2017
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Default Re: Compressor and Extreme Vibrations

Compressor Mounts provide optimum leveling and alignment and controlling vibrations in Reciprocating Machinery and Piping Systems. The vibration mounts help to mount machines within minutes, without anchoring either the machine or machine mounts to the floor. Dynemech Insulation Sheets are designed especially for compressor vibrations. These vibration insulation sheets dampen both vertical and horizontal impacts found in reciprocating machines. In addition, each vibration isolation pad is engineered to possess an exceptionally high coefficient of friction that also prevents machine walking. The balance of force and response is the key to keeping vibration levels in check on any piece of machinery, and more so with a reciprocating compressor where there are more complex forces.

Vibration can be caused by a variety of conditions including bent shafts, unbalance in rotating parts, worn or bent gears, damaged bearings, misaligned couplings or bearings, electromagnetic forces, etc. In compressors the most common causes are unbalance in rotating parts and abnormal aerodynamic forces. The design of our elastomeric insulation sheets prevent the damage caused by vibrations due to the above mentioned causes.

The two vibration types in compressors are translational (lateral) and rotational (twist) vibration. Translational vibration is the motion of external piping structure due to resonance. When the vibration of external piping becomes excessive, it is because some vibration within the system is occurring at a frequency near the natural frequency of the piping structure. A common occurrence of rotational vibration is an extreme vibration along the crankshaft whose frequency is the same as shaft speed. This type of vibration is usually due to unbalance forces acting on the crankshaft caused by unequal weights in piston pairs. Most vibration problems in compressors are related to unbalance. A high vibration level may be directly related to a rotational force or a translational force that is caused by an unbalanced condition.

Dynemech Anti-Vibration mounts for compressors addresses all the vibrational issues above. We have design and supply experience for thousands of compressor installations which provide optimum vibration isolation. We can provide installation assistance and product selection for compressor installation.
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