Anyone else suffer from downtime, away from their horns?

just wondering, not sure what you have in it already, but did you get the chance to upgrade some parts…like pistons or heads…maybe a cam…?

I could have, but had some self control and didn’t. My TB/SS is my daily driver, so I didn’t want to take away from dependability or driveability. I’d have to put a decently large stall converter if I chose to put a cam in…and with the notoriously crappy 4L70 trans…even if it were fresh, its life would literally be on a timer. A 4L80 conversion would be my best bet, but I’d be looking at close to $4000 just in parts alone to do the trans swap, converter, and cam/springs. And thats doing all the work myself.

Soooooo…its 100% stock. :slight_smile:

well said…

simple bolt on goodies is all i would to a daily driver.

Bolt on’s like horns :stuck_out_tongue:

Glad to hear the SS is back on the road. I miss my 96 Impala dearly, but now the girlfriend wants a TBSS

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Thanks fellas.

Here is one thing I’ve been dying to take care of too, once my TB was back on the road…the exhaust. These TB/SS’s come with one big oven muffler, and a resonator near the tailpipe. A lot of the TB/SS guys will get the muffler removed for a straight pipe, and leave the resonator in place. This is what I did for a while, but it was too raspy at times for me. So I got the resonator cut off, and put a 1 chamber Flomaster in its place. Boy anm I happy…sounds awesome!

that sounds good!

Those are some nasty holes in those blocks. :eek:

Going on 6 months for me. Got rid of my 99 F250 7.3 in March and got the Denali. Very close to having the installation finished. :smiley:

There’s been a few times when I could have really used them. :cool:

Is that black chrome on those horns?

No. That’s just shadows and lighting.

Just finished installing them. Had to give the neighborhood a little burp. :smiley: