Emergency Horn sounds like a dying goose

Hello, I have the emergency horn, IE the firetruck horn, similar to a Grover Stuttertone, and I’m having some issues. About half the time I honk it, the horn sounds like a dying goose rather than the signature stutter sound. Understandably this wimpy high-pitched tone is embarrassing in public. In fact, I had to use it today against a driver, and the 6+ times I tried honking it to get a stutter tone sound and hold that one down, all that played was the dying goose. Just horrible.

I have just replaced the diaphragm and experienced this somewhat before, but a lot now with the new one.The horn appears fine with no visible damage, cracks, etc. It is also not the fault of my solenoid or setup, this problem occurs when I test it on my garage air compressor.

If anyone has had this problem (I’ve done some searching and found its common in firetruck style horns) and knows the solution, then that would be great.


i have the mini tug horn and it is doing the same thing not sure how to fix but think it is in the tuning of the bell houseing

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