Shocking service from hornblasters

I live in the UK and have just tried to order parts to the value $67 from Hornblasters.

Unfortunately, I was unable to place any of the parts into the basket to pay for them, so I emailed Hornblasters to find out if there was a problem…

They contacted me with the following information, and I quote.

“We do not allow orders for the UK under $200”



What it means in a nutshell is that Hornblasters are more than happy to supply you with an air horn kit for upwards of $1,000, but if you only want a $10 part you are F****d unless you are prepared to buy parts you don’t need for $200 (A rip off) or you know someone in the US who will send the part to you.



I can only give my opinion. I have no idea what Hornblowers rhyme or reason is for having a minimum purchase so they will ship out of the USA.
I too have an online presence selling stuff. I have for a good fifteen years. I will no longer ship anything for any amount internationally. The burden/responsibility of shipping/delivery to international customers is horrible. No fault of the customer at all. I would guesstamet that 50% of the shipments we made internationally arrived to the customers. And beings it is international shipping, I was responsible for the non-delivery of those packages. That meant reshipping the same product. So thats a loss money wise. Having to pay to ship the package again. More money lost. For me it just got to costly. I can only imagine that Hornblowers may have same type of issues. On top of that you have customs paperwork and issues with customs period. Customers can use tracking information and see that their package has been sitting in customs in their country for a month. They could contact their customs department and find out what is going on with their package. I can guarantee you not one ever does. It was always" where is my package, why is my package being held in customs". How in the hell would I know.
Just to share with you that there are alot of issues for a company in the USA to ship internationally. I could flip the script and tell you all the hopes that one must agree to, , to have a package shipped into the USA. Thats another storey for another day.
You didn’t mention as to if you were a customer of theirs’s? As I would be extremely surprised that you would have purchased a $1000 system from them, and they had a money minimum on a second order.
Again, just my opinion and everybody has one.