'03 Chevy Silverado

Hey Guys,
I just got my K3la from HB… wow, what a kit! Now I’m just having problems trying to find a place to mount the danged thing in my truck. Does anyone out there have any ideas on where to put this thing on an '03 Silverado? I’m contemplating removing my spare tire and just mounting it under the bed, tank and all, and just chucking the tire in the bed (no threat of theft, got an American Work Cover/Box combo).

Thanks in advance for the help guys!

Keep 'em blasting!

That is what most people do, mount them where the spare was. I don’t know about your truck or know how large the bells are for the K3la but i’ve seen some who have the S4 horns mount them behind the front bumper. you could try that as well.

yes… mount them where spare tire goes… best place to mount them…
u will love the noise these things give off!!
congrats on the buy and welcome to the forum!

we want pics when your done!

Sorry about the delay… had a 2 week vacation in Italy to get through! :slight_smile:

I’m gonna start the install next week when I get back from work, hopefully on the 30th… will post pics ASAP. :smiley:

great…glad to see ur still around…lol almost lost hope for you… hope u stick around for awhile!

Oh don’t worry, I’ll be here. My job takes me on the road a lot, so I haven’t been able to devote as much time as I’d like to this project- but it will get done! :smiley:

on the 03 chevy silverado there is enough space on top of the driveshaft to mount a Nathan k5la without removing your spare tire…you will only have to remove it to install it.

I noticed there was plenty of space over the rear diff, but I’m still going to remove the spare and mount it there. Seems like a nice place to stick the horn, my 5 gal tank and a compressor. Maybe someday I’ll get a K5 to mount over the diff. (wouldn’t want that K3 to get lonely down there) :smiley:

Keep in mind the articulation of the third member. Hit a bump or a dip, and…crunchhhhh. bye bye horn.

Very true! Thanks for the heads up, I guess it’s not going in that spot anymore! :smiley:

Finally got everything mapped out today and it’s looking good so far. The tank is mounted to the underside of my rear bumper (not stock, it’s a Ranch Hand Cowboy bumper . The 5 gal tank is mounted upside down just forward of the receiver.

The compressor went into the inside of my left frame rail, keeping it on the opposite side of the vehicle from the exhaust. And the horn is going to be mounted on a 8" wide 3/8" thick steel plate that runs between my two frame rails where the spare tire used to be. It should all be done by next week when Bayshore Metals gets my steel plate back to me. We’re going to cold galvanize it and throw a few coats of primer on it to prevent any corrosion.

I’ll have pics up as soon as it stops raining here and I can get under the truck without getting wet.

dont be a pansy! get wet and get those pictures!! lol jk

haha- i’ll post them tomorrow. Just finished cold galvanizing my mount. So far so good. I also took that restrictor out of the manifold- WOW, she’s loud now!!! :smiley:

tripple post ftw