05 explorer placement help

whats up everyone new to the horns… lol man how many time have you all heard that? :cool: anyways i was just wondering if anyone has an 03 to 08 pic of how they set there horns up. i wanted to put them behind the front grill but not sure how they will fit. if anyone has some hot spots on the truck to place them let me know, thanks all.

i have an explorer and i had 8 shockers on my front grill here

now i have a set of k3ha on the back… you can fit 2 set of shockers in the front a explorer without problems!!! and a set os k3ha in the back just like me :slight_smile:

nice hids i got some 10,000ks on mine i love them. how did you run your air lines. and i have to massive cw12s in the back but im taking them out and selling them. can i use the power wire i already have run for my 12v source the only problem is that its bigger gauge? thanks and sweet ride

my hids are 55w 8000k they are fucking bright lol… i use 4 gauge wire the red one…

really how to you reduce it down smaller for the wires with the kit? and ya i have people getting out of my lane everytime i have my headlights on lol wait till i have these horns in lol.

If people are getting out of your lane that means your lights are aimed to high. Please have consideration for other people.

No there fine at normal stock height.they are just that bright and these explorer headlights are really reflective. A low enough car hates em. But I leveled them spot on. Trust me I hate it myself. Sorry

I agree. I put 6000K 35w HIDs for headlights only on dad’s explorer and it’s about as bright as mine and I have 6000K 35W on both headlights and fog lights.