05 Frontier install

I got the 232 Conductor Kit I didnt get any pictures of the mounting bracket I fabbed up all pics are from after the install

Put that antenna on the roof you will get out better…

I rarely use it other than off-road wheeling in a group so I keep it in the bed to keep it from falling off when im driving around and keep it from hitting low branches

what did you use
for your mounting
bracket for your

over all nice set up bro air tank looks good chilln in your bed and shockers look good to.

Looks good man. I can kind of see the bracket & how it attaches. All the airlines are protected above it. I know the leader hose is SS braided, but you still might want to use a grommet through the bed.
Oh and welcome to the forums if I forgot earlier.

I made my own bracket out of some scrap steel laying around. Just a flat piece of steel some angle and flat bar for feet. I’ll try and get some of the feet. They’re just self-tapped in on cross members under my bed

Yes everything is protectedabovethe plate and I have been slackjing on putting a gromet of some sort with the braded line also need one for my standard line even though its not touching as an extra precaution