06 duramax onboard air

Check out my album for my autoreel 25’ setup, pretty sweet

looks great, I got those ideas on my truck to… lol

although mine isnt a auto reel, its a manual capable of holding 100’ , i only got 50 ’ of polyurethane hose on there…

I got the starter trigger on mine also wired up in the center console.

truck looks good

what do you use the autoreel for, airing up tires?

I live in AZ and go 4 wheeling and also Quading in Glamis. comes in handy to air up also for air tools. at 200 psi it makes short work with an impact. Also good for blowing sand out of cab.

Be careful running the impact at 200 psi as most of them are rated at 125. I’ve heard it can be hard on the hammer mechanism inside the gun.

Good point!!! did not think of that? Hmmm have to think about regulation or a parrallel switchable pressure switch set at that pressure. Thanks for the input.

Your’e welcome. A regulator would work just fine.

A parallel pressure switch sounds like a complicated set up. You would have to somehow deactivate the primary switch and activate the second switch. Then relieve some of the pressure in tank before using the impact.

What is a starter trigger?


You can also use a two tank setup with a fill valve from the high pressure tank to the low pressure tank on a pressure switch so it cuts off the second tank at the right pressure. Again its a little more complicated but it works

So the fill valve is controlled by the second pressure switch? I’ll have to remember that in the future…good one!

125 PSI for tools?
All of the pneumatic tools I’ve used need to be regulated down to 90 PSI…

You’re right! I heard 125 at one time but I guess that must have been the maximum operating pressure.

Kinda running out of realastate under the truck for another tank. Still gotta find a place to mount my crossing signal bell. was thinking of mounting a solenoid at the petcock drain and then I could trigger it to purge moisture and reduce pressure?