06 Scion Xb

Im really looking into getting a hornblaster kit but im not sure which one to go with. I want something thats going to be a clean install and everything must mount under the truck because i have a custom stereo system in the back any suggestions im not looking anything major but i do want a good scare system jst for ***** and giggles PLEASE HELP ME OUT~!!

hit me up @ dmarshburn@intrstar.net with any suggestions:confused::confused::confused::confused::confused::confused::confused:

c’mon help me out whats the best bang for the buck ?

Shocker S4 horns sound the best for the money. after that its if you want 150 psi or 200 psi and how big of a tank you can fit/want. I have the 150psi shockers with a 2 gallon tank and am fine. although the Xb doesnt have hardly any trunk room if i remember correctly. and with you having a system may be difficult. but with a will there is a way haha. do you have any pics of your truck, or what you are working with?

this is how my trunk space looks i am looking at a way to mount the tank and compressor under the back and the horns face down behind my grill

you can fit a k5 or a k3 underneath a scion. Fu#k a kit. peice one together yourself get some k3s on ebay. compressors, hose, fittings, and valves get from hornblasters cause they have good prices dual compressor packs. Get you a tank from AIR HORNS OF TEXAS Jason (who sold me my stuf) has more to choose from and has them in aluminum which i would suggest. Check this out too http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9Vetw-fZpYc&feature=channel_page
From the looks of it theres enough room for about whtever the hell you want

are the S4 pretty loud ??? like a locomotive horn because i have a jack donkey that has a lil 3 horn kit that came from a autoparts store thats really starting to tick me off and it’s time for pay back

yes except there is no way he can fit a 5+ gallon tank in his scion with a system too. and pretty much anything below 5gallons for a K3 or K5 is worthless imo

where that k5 is he couldnt put two 2.5 gallons underthere

yea the shockers are pretty loud… honestly its not the horn that will be the problem, its the tank. you may need to loose a sub and just rock with the 1 and a tank on the other side. idk

edit: Toss the back seats and have a 2 seater lol :cool:

I know thats right 5 gallons is barely enough but good for 4 or 5 short blasts before comps. come on

dam either im lookign at the wrong spot or those things are like 1400.00

do it like I did http://www.trainhornforums.com/thread895.train_horns_on_a_jeep_cherokee.html

no bro you can get em for much much less mine were 450 brand honk#n new

he would need a new box. a lot smaller… the trunk is taller than it is wide. the Y axis is longer than the z if you can understand that. unless you went to a sealed enclosure. The type Rs have a smaller sealed spec rating than ported… OR you could make a small box with a giant port

haha Yea i didnt look at his pic time to toss something bro

x axis y axis im genius man for real lol i get it

2 seater Xb FTW lol

i would really likew that much sound but damn im trying to get a CHEAP thrill 450 for horns 200 for comp after lines and tank i would have a grand it it quick

Do the shockers then, I rock them. plenty loud imo. they will kick your friends horns donkey, unless he has a K3. plus they dont need as large of a tank, as well as then being a lot cheaper

I only have 960 in mine and noone even sells a kit with as much air or compressor or manual valve as what ive got. and bro if I wanted to sell mine as a kit I could put it on ebay right next to a k3 kit with 5 gal. tank 1 compressor for 1500 and its gone used or not.

s4 are very loud just dont sound like a trainhorn