06 zx6r ninja 636 horn setup

heres the pictures same under scare stories… :frowning:

here are some more pictures… i just got tired of getting run off the road

haha nice. wouldnt expect that coming from a bike.

also welcome to the forums. glad to see more people are finding out about this site.

fo sho…

thanks… how do i put my location under my name i cant find it sorry …off topic …nvm i found it

lets hear a audio sample

k ill see what my phone can do lol… all these photos were off my phone :smiley:

haha nice!! ever hit the horn on accident and scare ur self while riding? lol

haha that would be my luck there. scare myself and dump it

i can say this much i dont have the comfort of the horn being outside of a car… so when i honk it vibrates my chest and everything withing about 3ft of the bike

haha nice install and welcome to the forum! i once seen a pic of someone that installed a p3 on his bike

i wanna install a train horn on my bike!

its just like a car… just space restricted is a big factor

yea i know…i wanna take a small horn off a k3… and use it…lol

I’m unwilling to have any of the horn stuff showing on my M109R - so I’m going to install a Stebel Truck Horn. Plenty loud and really compact. Talked about it here: http://www.trainhornforums.com/post7536-4.html

yes ive looked into the stebel airhorn and the wolo badboy… had them on my setup… neither was the soudn i was wanting …if u look at the pictures it shows my slash cut straight pipes… the sound of the pipes combined with the horn made the horn sound like i was arriveing at a 5 yr old bday party in a clown car… thats the horn sound i was getting :frowning: so i beefed it up. :smiley: what i figured is that with the stebel /wolobadboy you have no compressed air… you are only pushing air through the horns as fast as the compressor can push horns… yes it is loud but in this application it wasnt becuase of the loudness of the exhaust. so i put the smallest air reseviour/air tank i could find witch is 1/2 gal… bout the size of a large softball. and it hodl the pressure of 120psi. and i get the noise i wanted. now if anyone can find a rather small compressor that puts out the same cubic air as a tank with 120psi in it please let me know

Well here we go i finally got a sound clip but i think i blew the mic sensor in my phone

thats just awesome bro lol

no rub problems with that air tank?