08 Scion XB

supercharged 08 xb weapon r header and s pipe hks exhaust 2 15 l7 kicker 4000 watt amp shocker 4 kit 8000k hid

Welcome, nice and clean install i like it.

The air source kit isn’t bolted down? - That’s not going to be good for it in the long run.

Sideways operation may also limit duty cycle, due to heat generation.
Limited air flow underneath the speaker enclosure will only exacerbate the issue.

Nice ride! I own one of those myself with all the same factory exterior options (the wifey drives it though!)

thanks for the info iam getting a pancake tank soon!! I just wanted to try it out and stuff it totally unexpected for train horns on the xb lol !!

A toaster with horns. Good job man.

hahahaha thats just great


it a box not a toaster … lol

Might want to put something around the air lines where they go thru your cut in the floor, don’t want those chafing over time and rupturing. You don’t want to be the one getting the scare when you honk them!

wow very good point. I’ve done the exact same thing in my eclipse. I think i’m going to fill it with some sort of hardening foam.

I saw a sticker on an Xb. “Eat my toast” it was pretty funny. so how fast is your supercharged xb?

A paintballer huh? Airsoft all the way! Did I just start something?

i would wall the scion that would be bad donkey

Haha nah. I got a classic army m15a4 carbine also. Just like my paintball gun, I’m trying to sell that too.

I like both. Both can be very painful too.

Or use a rubber grommet.