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I havent received my kit yet but it is equipped with 3/8" line & 5/16" to the horns. I am assuming the 1/2" will allow more air with greater sound, am I correct? But at the same time that will drain the tank quicker and I will have a shorter blow.

If I did this mod where would I get the 1/2" line from? Since I do not have the kit in front of me I cannot tell what kinda of line/hose it is.

I appreciate all the help.


www.hornblasters.com will have the 1/2 air line and 1/2 valve, but bro the 5/16 is very nice, i got two set of S4 with a 5 gallon tank and 5/16 air line and it sounds laud trust me, i will upload a vid soon… and yes i will empy your tank very fast.

appreciate the fast response and I could understand what you were typing. :slight_smile:

I guess I will have to wait and see after I mount it all up.


Try a fleet supply store… I replaced my line hornblasters sent… It’s an off size and it’s very thin. The hose I got from the fleet store was the same ID but was much thicker…

i didn mine from hornblastersss…they gots it all and its much louder

im running the supplied fittings and hose and its loud enough for me… lol

You’re correct about the 1/2 versus 3/8in feed line. The smaller the feed tube, the longer you can honk, but you loose some volume.
I think its a matter of preference. 1/2in is about as big as you’d ever need to go but they sound plenty loud at 5/16 too.

To make clarification to anyone new to this stuff:
the feed line goes between the tank and the air valve for the S4. The other side of the valve has a manifold that splits the feed line into 4x 5/16in lines (one for each horn).
If you have bigger air line, you need a bigger valve or there is no point in the extra throughput. The kids we sell all come with matching valves and feed lines, with the exception of our 3/8" kits. These may come with 1/2in valve and 3/8in lines; the 3/8in line will only come with 2 gallon tanks and provides better air consumption that 1/2in would to compensate for the smaller tank… its still plenty loud!

Well, I just found out, the new S4 kits come equipped with the 1/2 line. So I do not need to upgrade. :slight_smile:


whattttttttttttttttttttttttttt thats tight

As I stated in another thread, sometimes loudness translates into distortion so do you want the shock factor or horns that sound like they should?