1/2" OD air line

Anybody got about 20 feet of uncut air line. 1/2" outter diameter. I can paypal you the cost of the line plus shipping. You will have to ship it USPS.

Willing to work with 15ft or more.

I could just order it on amazon but they sell it by 100 ft and i dont need that much.

Wish i had known I have 15ft I could had sent free of charge. But I’m now in the process of using it. I had all PTC fittings, manual valves, DOT tubing the works. In the process of trying to restock my supply.

I have, but it would be cheaper to buy 100m than to have me send it from the UK lol lol

I have a piece, but don’t know how long it is.
Dang power is out right now. So hopefully after work.

Hornblasters sells it for $15.30 per 10’ increment.

Would this be shipped to Germany or somewhere in the US?

Got some heading my way now! Thanks!

Ok good.
I have a piece, but didn’t know what’s involved with shipping to Germany.

Shipping is no problem here…I have a military APO address that USPS ships to

if I had it, I could have shipped it free from the base…