1.5 gal tank?

will a 1.5 gal tank work with k5s i kno they like air and the smallest tank ive found people useing are 5gal the guy i got my horns from gave me his 80gal tank and its jus to big for my truck. any help wudbe nice thanks

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So it’s 1.5 or 80 huh? lol

You would only get a quick blast, but it would technically work.
Your compressor would kick on almost immediately.

Taken from the FAQ here: http://www.trainhornforums.com/showthread.php?t=2984

“Optimum Tank size:
If you own or want to own an actual train horn such as a Nathan or Leslie, 5 gallons is the minimum.”

Well I jus wnted to kno because I can go get a 1.5gal wid everything ready to go today bt I wnt a 5gal I have a 450c compresser pressure release switch and I believe a cut off valve can yall kinda give me ideas on how to hook it up or show me pics I’ve never hooked horns up b4 and I jus wana do it right the first time, and what tank shud I get

I see. Well, as mentioned above 5 gallons would be a good place to start. More is better, but it would depend on where you want to mount it and whether you are willing to add compressors. Each compressor will fill 5 gallons as far as the warranty goes.

You should really read the FAQ link I posted above. It answers a lot and has more links in it.

Here is a link to the Hornblasters K5 install manual.

if your running a
5gallon wudd be
the best way to go
i have a good buddy
diesel sniper who owns a K5LAR24
hes running a 5gallon

With a 1.5, as soon has you blow the K3 it would die off immediately. I doubt you would enjoy it then

K thanks guys I’ve decided to go ahead and order a biger tank bt I was looking on hornblasters and saw the 3gal tank in chrome, yall wudnt happen to kno where I can get 5gal or bigger in chrome do yall? Thanks

Here’s one.
But I did some calculations on it & it’s less than 5 gallons.

Seems like I’ve seen other chrome tanks. Maybe just Google it.

If you’re interested I have 2 2 gallon tanks up for sale… Really cheap too and they come with all the fittings. I used them for my K3. Worked just fine.