#1 bell in Solidworks

So, for my CAD class we got to choose what we wanted to make in Solidworks for our final project. Thought I would just share what I recreated in CAD.

Its accurate to within 1/32 or .031

I decided not to recreate the AIRCHIME on the back cap, mainly due to time or lack there of. And you will probably notice there are no threads on the bolts… I just chose not to include them.

I initially wanted to make my entire K5 in solidworks but only had the time to do one bell haha

That’s awesome!!! That takes a lot of skill!! Man i can’t even draw a 2x4 in google sketch up LOL

That’s cool. I’m an Autodesk Inventor user. I did my entire tank/compressor/electrical setup.

Brilliant. Nice work man. Had to learn Solidworks years ago for some client work and it was a b!tch! Most difficult thing has been to retain the knowledge -like most things, if you don’t use it you lose it

Very clever:D

thats awesome!