1 heck of a saturday (long story)

I had one hell of a saturday morning. Let me start by saying that i just had a baby less then a month ago so my mom took over payments on my truck and i bought me an 05 crown vic. So clean, it has a brand new paint job. I just picked it up wednesday and got insurance on thursday.

Well since thursday this guy in another apt building to the side of us has been blaring his music 24/7. We’ve called the cops on top of others calling. Well friday night we found out some info on him, about how he is somthin bi-polar and has been off his meds since wednesday. He started becoming a real bad nuisance. Even my up stairs neighbor came down all scared and waited for her hubby to get home

Sat moring at 5am my fiance woke to feed the baby and said that a cop was sitting in the middle of the street. I thought cool. I dont have to worry about this guy. I go back to sleep…zzzZZZzzzZZZzzz

ZZZzzz BAM BAM, squealing tires, call the cops.

I jump up outta bed…WTF just happened. Throw my classes on (blind as heck wit out them) and look out the window. This guy comes up to my car with a hammer(car is backed in) and runs the hammer across the hood and then hits it. Then he walks along side of it and hit my rear taillight . By now i have my shorts on, phone in hand, and Glock 23 in the other. I run in the living room where i have a sliding glass door and open the blinds to see where this jerk is. BAM as i open the blinds. He is right there tearing down my screen door with the hammer. I raise the Glock up and order him to step away from the window. He was smart enough to do that but as he backs up he bumps into my gurls car and decided to take the hammer 3 time to the hood and then goes to my up stairs neighbors car and buts a dent in the hood of his.

by now everyone is outside and trying to get this fool to calm down while im still on the phone with dispatch. 3 cops finally show up within 5mins. They try calming him down but doesnt work. So the pull the taser out and order him to the ground. He says F it, hit me. The cop still try odering him down. Finally he tasers him but the guy starts running around a tree while the cop chases him(the guy getting tased is yelling"that dont faze me") . The cop throws that pack off and puts another one on and with out hesitating hits him again. The dude falls yelling alrigh alright. The throw cuffs on him and baker act him. Come to find out, before our cars got destroyed. the neighbor behind us got his car all messed up. worst then all of ours together.

Everyone asked me why i didnt shoot him. Im going to the police academy in april and dont want anything to put a hold on it but trust me. if he would have broke the sliding door window out, BYE BYE. Even the cop said i would have blown his brains out and then when he hits the ground, if he is still moving, hit him again.

It sucks i just got my car and this ish happens. While they were waiting for the ambulance to come. the guy asked for a sig and the cop said know and the cop then pulls out a sig and lights it up right next to him. That was hilrious beside the taser thing. Because as i was saying that dont faze me he also saying oo aahhh ooo ahhh .

ill post pick of the damage to my car and my gurls in a sec

My gurls Tiburon, its kinda hard to see them but theres 3 dents

this is where he scrathed my hood with the hammer first

then where he hit the hood with a hammer

heres the taillight

this is the overall car and its not a fish bowl anymore

heres a pic from my phone from earliar today with tint

shoulda shot him… lol

Who could do this especially to that awesome of a car! I second that you should have shot him…

yea man good thing u kept your cool, it would have caused problems :frowning: you reacted better than i would have. sucks for your car…

btw that vic is badass, needs to be more coped out lol

its gonna be so copped out, he just has not installed the goods yet, he has them all sitting there though including k’5s

now next time im in tampa we are meeting up together! i wanna see the vic lol

no prob. just keep me posted when you come tampa.

The vic will be popoed up soon. It even has a lil antenna on top that im going to try to use for CB. Every cop i see, waves at me. But i do know most of them. Ive already got the center console, PA w/ built in light control and will be pickin up the lights some time next week. Maybe when i get in the force i could use it for some stings.

I can already see it. Ill be in a high speed chase and when the guys get out to run. Ill just blow the k5’s and they’ll just fall over or stop in there track cause they wont know what happened. lol.

Great control, I would of capped him at the knees. Hope the rest of your year goes better :slight_smile:

Sounds like a nightmare!

Why do people drive cars that look like cops? I don’t get it. I was thinking the main reason is they don’t have the money to purchase anything more expense and those come cheap b/c they’re used up. I’m just curious.

Oh and you should’ve killed him.

Sometimes they are more expensive…its not a cheap car. just a good car cops use also cuz of the power and relabiltiy. and yes you do have the cheap ones that do get beat up by the cops and sold off…but if u look at this his is real nice…

rich, saw the wife driving this morning on macdill…saw the little pink shocker and laughed a bit lol

i want a cop car because im going to school and want to be a cop plus you can screw with people on the road thinking your a cop

I hate when people do that to me.

I use to own a f350 and just had a baby less than a month ago.

07 f350 payment + Baby= broke as hell.

Im going to be going to the academy in april and need a family car to get me around. So i saw this unmarked FHP supervisors car and thought to myself. Hey thats a family car and can learn how to get use to before i go to the academy. When i finish school and staart making money then i can go back to a truck. As of right now, my mom has purchased the vehcile to pull her 23’ Donzi. I might get lucky and buy it back when i finish the academy and start the force.

And for the peeps who want to know if the car is fast, yes it is. This car is very clean. It was a supervisors car and was all highway miles. So it doesn’t go through all the abuse as a city (marked) unit does. These cars are very reliable and go through a routine maintenance. The carfax even had all reports of maintenance on it.

You may not like this car and thats your opinion. Most people give me kudos for putting my family first.

She scared the poop outta me the other day. Wasnt cool at all. lol.

thats why i always own a big car

To each his own. Oh and I take care of my family as well. I’ve been married for 6 years, have a 3 year old daughter, drive a truck and pay for a mortgage. All I was getting at was the reason for that type of car. Thanks.

Just caught this thread …

Interesting story. You handled yourself well in that situation. Mr. bi-polar was smart to back down from you when you showed the gun, and that is definitely better for you as well. I’d be curious to know how your auto insurance will handle the incident …will you have to pay a deductible for the work? … they can go after him, but how? … etc.

The only other thing I’d add here is I would speak with an attorney. With a fiance/new baby, you might consider a restraining order and perhaps going after him in a civil suit for damages.

Best of luck.

well, i live in an aparment complex and they have already evicted him and put a no trespass on him. From what i have been informed is that the family is going to pay our deductible for our insurances. I have spoken with a couple people and its going to be hard to try to get money from a mentally insane person. I have also been told to file a claim under the apartments insurance company. Since it was on there property and was one of there tendant(however it is spelled).

thats good thats a start