12 K5's in a Toyota Tundra!

Just like I said…


holy crap

haha nicee i am jealous

I can imagine that could get loud…

Off for refinishing?
Did you find a locomotive graveyard or what?

That pic = Lots of work! :frowning: LOL

Free horn for all forum members?! Yes! lol

i just nutted

so what ya say matt… i got 20 bucks for 1… lol

yea sell them to forum members for a sweet deal! :slight_smile:

we get/got 10% off… haha

Yeah, but there was never a Black Friday at Hornblasters… Plus 50% off sounds so much more pleasing to my ears haha I think a Black Tuesday should be in the works :slight_smile:

gotcha is right! I read that and said no way,where’s he gonna put em under the seats as well??:smiley:

Damn that looked like my truck when i went to the locomotive graveyard in georgia…they only had leslie horns but i still love them…

A Christmas gift for all the members! How thoughtful :smiley:

A guy I know at the RR told me that they usually take the horns off way before they get to the graveyards. He said either the RR removes them for reuse or the scrappers take them off and melt them down/sell them.

id like to get a hold of a locomotive graveyard…
id have horns everywhere…lol
make a haunted house of horns…lmao…screw actors…id have horns scarin ur donkey!

Seriously, Where do you find a locomotive graveyard?

yea i wish i knew one…

They aren’t everywhere… And like I said, most the times, the horns are gone by the time they get there.