1510 Grover Kits..

Hey guys, new to the forums… like most everyone else…

I’ve been looking at air horns for quite sometime now and I made the decision to go with the 1510 Grover horn kit on AHT…

Emergency Firetruck Air Horn Kit:

Looking at it, I’m not sure on how great the compressor and tank size is. And if it’s going to do much of anything. I can’t really go over $350 [thanks fiance!]. Can anyone tell me if this is a good kit? Maybe some specs on it? How well the suttertone will sound? Length of horn blast? Quality and lifespan of the components?

Any and all help would be appreciated…

Also, if someone could point me to the direction of a good air horn kit install thread…

Thanks much y’all!

Go up a little more in price… You will not regret it! Tell the fiance what she wants to hear… Tell her u spent $300 :wink:


Compare the grover stutter horn to this video… End of story! :smiley:

I have to agree with silvy, you wont

and it looks like that site took this image http://s3.hornblasters.com/products/AS/245/10007_l.jpg

I could be wrong

So is this :

The HB4H horns?? Maybe some more Youtube vids of what that kit sounds like?


You will be MUCH happier with the HB4H/shocker horns! Thats what I run, but i have a 5 gallon tank.

Personally i would wait until you got some more money and get the hb4h and a 5 gallon tank. You wont regret the extra honk time. However that kit is perfectly good for a starter kit.

Go to youtube.com / type it “hornblasters shockers” / watch videos :wink:

You will see a bunch of mine on there too.

okay, well if I did get the low end “starter kit” how loud is it?? louder than the Grover? also, what’s the difference between the 3 shocker horn kits? tank size and loudness? honk time? anybody really think the low end kit is gonna actually move people or scare the crap out of them??

sorry for bad grammar/spelling. typin on my iPhone bouncing down the inter state. [not driving :x]

its very loud, its just the honk time. The differences in the shocker kits are the compressor and tank sizes. You will get lots of scares with the starter kit.

The starter kit is the 2 gal one that i posted the video of… You will definately move traffic with that. But it will run out of air quick… the grover is cool, but the HB shockers are awesome / loud / will turn heads! I have them hooked up to my alarm and they are loud as hell!

I built my system from a used compressor, new 5 gal tank, and Shocker XL kit. Brass fittings from HD. I came in under $450. Worth every penny, I love it.

Well, I’ve considered trying to just buy the horns and build my own kit. I work at Lowe’s so I see tons of good deals, but I just don’t know what I’m really looking for in regards to tanks/compressors and all that good stuff.

HB4H (http://www.hornblasters.com/products/details.php?i=hornblasters-4-horn-train-horn-kit) and Shocker XL (http://www.hornblasters.com/products/details.php?i=shocker-4-train-horn) kit come with the horns, valve, lines, and union tee. All you need is a tank (the 5 gal steel tank that hornblasters sells is great for the price) and a compressor (check the sale section on the forum, hornblasters has used ones, and ebay/craigslist.) Then you would just need a pressure switch, blow off valve, and dump valve. A gauge is nice too, I wouldn’t be without one.

The kits they sell are great if you dont want to hunt around for each part, but i’m a DIY kind of guy.

I’m sorry i’m late on this thread…

I have the 1510… it’s very loud and scares someone on the streets…
I bought it from www.airhornsoftexas.com, i paid $66 (blemished, but in great conditions), don’t remember how much for shipping to Italy (about 40 or 50 bucks), then i paid other $45 for our custom… then i added $35 for the solenoid, let’s say $15 for the nylon tubing, $30 for all the snap-in connectors; reductions; teflon tape, $10 for the manometer… and that’s it… i used an old fire extinguisher for the air tank i got for free.

But now after tried the 1510 for i while i decided to upgrade it with a K3.

What i mean is what other already adviced you, sound is COOL but for that money buy at least a shocker.