1991 Nissan Safari air install. DC5000 + 3 Gal

So, I’ve got the kit,

we have a 3 gallon tank, DC5000 compressor.
its 9 years old but works mint!

Fills 0-152 PSI in 3m:50s at 12.4 volts appx (idling Subaru!)

Plan is to have front and rear quick connect air outlets, and a train horn triggered electrically. I’ll keep the current ‘toy’ air horns as my normal ones and chuck the train horns on a switch.

Truck is currently at the mechanics to have new WRX seats installed, once shes back we will find a spot for this HUGE compressor (I’ll document space issues once I have the wagon back). Can’t mount it underneath as it would be underwater too often.

35" tires, 5" lift, 4.2 N/A Manual diesel.

Do you have automatic tire deflators for going off road? If you do air down then you should have an Oasis compressor. It can fill that 3 gallon tank to 150 in about 35 seconds and it can fill one of those tires from 15 to 30 in about 1 minute. It’s also nice to have for running air tools if something breaks in the middle of nowhere.