1995 Dodge Ram install, need some help

Hey everyone! Well, the horn should be done in a few days and I’ll be ready for install. I’m hoping someone here has installed on a 2nd gen dodge ram?

I need some ideas on mounting options for the K5. Should I go spare tire well? Is there enough room behind the front bumper? Also, has anyone fabricated a mount?

I’m going to do a manual valve in the cab, how about mounting that? Any ideas or pictures would be great.

Is it a diesel? You might not be able to fit them there.

You could go aerial on a headache rack (my plan for version 2.0 once my K5 is finished) or spare tire area.

Check my sig block for my install, it might help.


Thanks Kris!

I have a ‘95 8’ bed, so it looks like I’ll have enough room at the spare well, but because of my aftermarket bumper, I may have enough room to mount them up front.

Does it really matter if the bells are mounted faced downward or forward?

Oh son of a … this is that sweet 2nd gen I saw posted a while ago. Frickin’ nice ride bro.

For the horns, have them face down or rearward. You don’t want road debris, water, road kill, etc., getting into them.

Really the only time they would face forward would be up high like on a headache rack.

I’d avoid mounting them up front … I’d hate for someone to brake check you or worse.


Thanks Kris! Getting all of the supplies together now. I will update as the project progresses.