1999 Camry Train Horn

This is me finding various good spots to fire off these bad boys but the camera I was using has a terrible mic that sucks at picking up reverb. I’ll re-do this when I have a better camera. These horns are LOUD though, in the first clip the reverb rang out for a good 15 seconds or so.

These are United Pacific 46115s with 1/2" air tubing, a 1/2" solenoid valve at 150 psi.

What do a set of United Pacific horns look like?
How cool is that! I can’t wait to get some vids like that with the smart car & the shockers:D

Here’s what they normally look like (that’s me holding them). To make them look a little more authentic, I switched the bell positions.

dude, those look, and sound Identical to my K3.

They’re definitely not on the same level though. If anything, based on what I’ve heard, these are closer to P3s in sound output.

What camera did you use for your Accord K3 video? If it’s an iPhone or something, I wanna use a similar camera so I can get reverb as good as you got.

JVC Everio HD camera. (Could never get the HD to work on youtube) has Stereo Mics on it great for capturing the sound though.