1999 Crown Victoria K3HA

No install pics, but pics already installed.
Thanks for looking. See sig for specs.

I know my trunk is a mess lol!

Damn! You even got the Nathan manifold in the grill. Nice!

It barely fit I had to do some trimming of the header panel. Not to mention completely removing the bumper and the header panel.

Stealthy, I wish my honda had that much room up front haha

Nice install! Hidden k3 thats for sure!

Thanks Bryan. I didnt have many options on my car lol. It was either that or lose half of my trunk space.
Thank you too Twist, I like it like that. People never expect the old crown vic. I put some sound clips up in the vids section today.

Yea… top job getting it all squeezed in there under the grill. Just don’t rear end anyone :wink:

How much clearance did you end up with between the manifold and the radiator?

Less than half an inch. It’s actually the one for the air conditioning fyi.