1st 2 weeks with horn

ive gotten dogs cats horses deer thousands of people… 2 cops last night on accident … best was the horse drawn carraige rides that we have here in downtown milwaukee… lmao @ the horses running and taking off with them on the back!

lol It’s going to be interesting to see the posts from some members on this.

Dude you scared a Hose drawn carriage… thats awful. Ive thought about it, but would never do it. haha

day 1 with the horn… couldnt resist lol… ive had people drop groceries and spill drinks on themselves lol…

people walking there dogs is pretty funny as well… especially the ones without leashes… or to see the dog jerk the owner witht he leash

What about the elderly , little kids , babies … :rolleyes:

Seriously tho… Blasting them at horses… yet alone ones that carriages on them, that is a complete no no… What if the horse took off running , throwing the riders out of the carriage!

That shit gives people the wrong idea about us who own horns… :frowning:

then maybe we should change the title of this section to just “stories”

the horse drawn carriage thing does sound dangerous
but im sure id be LMAO if i saw it myself hahaha

Dont get me wrong… I’m all for a good scare to people that deserve it… Hell i have even honked at deer before when they were in the middle of the road playing chicken with me not moving! But to honk at a horse drawn carriage, thats dangerous!

You just have to realize when you use these horns, they are a lot louder outside the vehicle from where you are , and can give people / or anything living a heartattack. Thats why , stay away from elderly , little kids , babies , etc…

Now people who cut you off , flip you off , wont move , dead to the world , then its OPEN GAME!

well than i guess you dont apprieciate the guys from hornblasters on youtube scaring anyone they see?

Actually i do… i bought the movie a while back also!

I’m not gonna go on tho trying to make my point of scarring a horse with a carriage strapped to it WITH PEOPLE INSIDE… Its not sinking in…

lmao now thats a video i would like to see!

damn. you guys are crazy. i kinda got personal rules.
no scaring:
old people
animals (unless ther cows because thats just hillarious)
random ppl in traffic (dont want to cause an accident)

you really gotta keep in mind where you are and whats around you (most cops dont take lightly to locomotive warning signals on pedestrian vehicles.) lol

blast responsibly!

samething here but i love to scare the crap outta of dogs lol