?? 2 K3s or 1 K5 or 1 k3 and 1 K5

currently have 2 k3 installed on the truck they are pretty loud not sure what im wanting to do next. i have a set of k5 wanting to go with just them or 1 k3 and 1 k5 or should i stick with just the 2 sets of k3, pros and cons comments questions or concerns

Two K3’s??? How loud do you you need things to get? If its a sweeter chord or tone you’re after, I’d opt for the 5 chime sound any day.

What are your goals?

2 horns I would be concerned about warbling, so a single K5 would sound cleaner (and fuller).

If you’re going for pure strength, I can’t see getting much louder than 2 properly fed K3s.
How much air do you have and what size airlne/valve/fittings?

Only have a 5 gallon tank 1/2 inch lines 2 viair 480 compressor wanting to get a bigger tank soon so I get a longer blast. How do I upload pics from my phone??

You have to create an account with a free picture hosting site such as Photobucket.com. Upload you photos there and while viewing the picture, copy the “img” code. Paste it into your post here.

Is that 1/2" ID hose or OD tubing?

Hose I will load pics soon I have both compressors and tank mounted in tool box and the 2 sets mounted under tool box firing toward the tailgate. Have a toggle switch for each compressor under my dash below the steering wheel and a third toggle switch for the horn. When off you just hear factory horn when on youget blown away!! Lol

Horns facing backwards = Jet propelled truck!!! Lol