2 pressure switches?

Hello, I already have a viair compressor I got another compressor from a great seller (buyer) from this forum iNFamasStalin . My question is do I need a second pressure switch to run both compressors or can I just tap off the one ? Thanks all.

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I think one can control 2 compressors. Try calling Viair for technical support - 949-585-0011.

A single pressure switch can switch multiple relays for multiple compressors.

Sounds good thanks guys.

Depends on the relay and the current flowing through your trigger line. Like any relay containing coils, they will put load onto your circuit so you need to be sure that there is enough current capacity in the trigger to support the coil power rating. Generally speaking you won’t have any issues triggering multiple 12V type relays. Just splice your pressure switch (outbound wire) into two and run that to the trigger pole on each relay.

If they don’t throw open cleanly (i.e. when you hear the relays chattering), or you blow a fuse on your trigger wire, then you may need to rethink and run a trigger circuit. If you need help with some basic circuit drawings on either front, let me know. Happy to help.

I have 2 OB2 zeniths running on one pressure switch for 3 years No problems

Jetmann, do you have seperate relays for each compressor?

Both my 480’s run separate relays coming from the one pressure switch. In fact, that’s how Viair sells the dual 480 kit (i.e. one pr.sw. & 2 relays). No issues, but keep in mind what I said above. It really depends on what you’ve tapped into for your pressure switch > relays trigger line.

The real point I should’ve made is that it’s not the pressure switch which is the potential for trouble. It’s your power wire leading into the pressure switch. The most common fault I’ve seen people make for relay ciruits is to tap into a trigger wire which suffers from voltage drop. Common causes can be from starting the car, another load intensive device (e.g. an amp or radio unit) on the same wire, or when running just from battery with engine off.

just get a stinger 60 or 80 amp relay. im using a snowplow relay on mine and its so much easier to use instead of the small 40 amp

Yes, the Zenith pumps come with them. as far as relays for the pressure switch no. Each pump has i’ts own power relay but the pressure switch only triggers them on/off. To answer your main question, You only need 1 pressure switch.

got it thanks guys

Happy to help ! I use the E-bell every day ! Thanks LOL

Here is a link to our pressure switch that has 2 relays built in. A setup like this will accomplish the task.

110-150 psi