2 sets of horns

I want to get a set of psychoblasters and hook them up with the Shocker XL kit I already have installed. How would I go about setting them up so I can make them sound at different times? If anyone can help me out that would be awesome thanks.

You would just need to wire a separate valve and switch up… Im assuming you used a solenoid valve with some sort of switch to honk the shockers…just do the same for the psychoblasters…or you could put a toggle inline with the switch you have now. Hope this helps!

Get a SPDT switch, when you switch it one way it will go to the shockers, switch it the other way and it’ll go to the psycho blasters… Doing it this way you will only use 1 “trigger” for both sets of horns… You would have to add another switch if you wanted them to both go at the same time.

SO with the SPDT switch would I have to get a new valve and all that stuff ot just a switch? You guys are a lot of of help thanks.

Are the psycho blasters air powered? or electric powered? If they are electric powered, no you wouldn’t have to get another valve… just send the 12v to them and done… if they are air powered, yes you would have to get a seperate valve… there is no way to “switch” which way the air goes… I will try to get you a diagram and post it tonight… sorry I haven’t been too much help, I was at work when I posted my first post here, and now I JUST got home 5 minutes ago… so I will do a little more tonight for you so that you can see exactly how it works…

They are air powered and come with a valve attached. so no need to buy another one

Ok, so here is a rough drawing of how you would wire it up… You will notice the SPDT and a momentary (push button) switch at the upper left hand side… the switch will allow you to control 2 different sets of horns (the valve for the shockers, and the built in valve on the psychoblasters. You will not have to purchase another valve as the psychoblasters already have one…

You will, however; have to run a seperate air line to them. There are a number of ways you can do this… If you don’t have enough ports on your tank, you can “T” an air hose to the 2 different valves… If you are using a gauge, you can “T” off of that if you didn’t want to use the same air hose your shockers are using… either way it is something you will have to figure out.

The diagram… I have this one “wired” for dual compressors, no gauge… and another important piece isn’t shown here… the pressure relief valve (or blow off valve). Most compressors you will have to have a relay in line with it… the Air Zenith OB2’s have a built in relay… I believe all of the Viair’s need a relay wired in…

Dang thats great thank you so much. Im putting my order in for the psychoblasters friday hahaha stoked. You guys have been a huge help that diagram is perfect. I totally know whats going on now thanks again. If I have any oter questions I know who to go to. thanks again guys

No problem… I was considering the psycho blasters, but I’m going to get the K3la

Another wiring diagram of a 2-horn setup for your reference:


AHH nice I wish I could throw down on a K3 but I dont have the change for that lovely piece of loud haha. I mean just lookin at all the gnarly kits some of the guys on here have makes me want to just get the biggest of the bunch but I think the shockers and psychoblasters will do for right ow. That is until I cant take it anymore and go the route you are haha. Thanks again man Im orderin them on Friday so once they get here Ill throw pics and vid up forsure.

i too first had the shockers… decided to get the Psycho’s as well

and now i’m waiting for my K3 to arrive

oneday you’ll get one :wink:

Yes one day I will have a K3 and then all of San Diego will fear the little white tacoma. Im stoked you guys have all been a huge help. I cant wait to throw them on my truck.