2 trumpets at once

has anyone had an issue with seperate horns not “hitting” at the same time?
i have 2 identical trumpets mounted diff. lengths from my solenoid. at first i thought i needed equal lenghts of 1/4" hose from the splitter to the trumpets but that didn’t change the fact that one takes .3 sec. to come on. i’m losing startle factor b/c of it. it does have a neat character to it during the full blast ,but i’d welcome info/advice on getting both to fire at once.

How do you have your T-fitting orientated? If its a three way T you must use the center port to connect the valve, otherwise the air pressure will follow the most direct route until there is some back pressure.
Normally you would want both lengths of air line to be the same and make sure there are no kinks.

I set my 4 Horn Conductor manifold with exactly equal lenghts of air hose to each individual horn. I made sure that all 4 air lines coming off the mainifold was EXACTLY the same length and since I mounted the horns together I did not have the issue that you have by having to put them in different locations on my vehicle. I think this makes a world of difference when the air is hitting each horn at the exact time coming out of the maifold.

I want that set up. How much??

If your air line from the “t” is not the same then its obvious that there will be a sound difference…