2 weeks later, Finally, I'm done!

After 2 weeks of having my Shocker kit, it is finally done. I was awaiting a push/pull connector for the valve but I located one in home depot. It isn’t brass, just plastic but does the job well. :smiley:

I will up load some pics of the setup tomorrow. My bed looks ugly the way the tank is setup. i def want to get a larger tank. The 8.5 gallon tank looks perfect to stretch horizontally across the bed. Make it look nice and neat.

Anyways, here is my truck for now, and I left my camera at home so I will upload pics tomorrow of the setup.

Mines the blue one…


I like the first pic…is that a dealership or somethin?

^No. It was “X-Fest” X-runners from FL to IN met up at Gatlinburg TN.


yours is the 3rd one from left to right…im not a big fan of the x runner but i must say yours looks damn good nice job

are those the only colors they offer? seems boring…lol

The first picture is awesome. Great lookin truck

What is an X-Runner? Just a Tacoma with ground effects?

they are quite a bit faster. i think they are like a 15 second truck stock. i have a friend with one and its pretty quick


The XRunner is a TRD-outfitted Tacoma.

According to the original design:

does it have the larger tires like a pre-runner?