2 x 400c Compressor problems?

Does anyone on here have a clue to a couple of problems I have with two compressors?
I have sold numerous Viair compressors in the UK on their own & with kits & recently I have had two play up?
These are customers compressors I am having trouble with.
The first one has been installed for about 6 months & working fine, then strangely, every now & then it started to blow fuses, mainly under load conditions, I got the guy to drive over 50miles, so I could take a look. The compressor ran ok until the pressure was about 135-140psi then it would seem to struggle to run & then blow the fuse. When the ignition/engine was turned off, the compressor slowed right down, which you would expect as the alternator was not topping up the battery. I could do nothing but offer to replace the compressor free of charge for a new one I had as a spare.
Once I connected the new one up, the difference was un mistakenly obvious, running really fast, even underload.

The second compressor, again is a 400c and I fitted to the kit I sold to Monster Energy Drink people. This one I have not seen yet, but have been told it was working fine for about 10-15 times max then it decided to play up and was running, but not actually filling the tank. First thoughts are the air filter is blocked up or the check valve on the leader hose may have failed?

I have contacted HornBlasters & I have been led to believe that Viair have said it is not cost effective to have the compressors sent back to them to be inspected?

This is a real ball ache for me as it now means I am out of pocket for two compressors & shipping that I have supplied!!:mad:

I would suspect the ground or earth as you call it.
So the new compressor runs a lot better…
Did you disconnect the old ground and reconnect the new ground?

Doesn’t Viair have rebuild kits? If they work, it could help you recover some of the expense.

Maybe it’s time to consider a sturdier compressor…:rolleyes:

I see a huge problem with this that Viair will not stand behind there products and help out especially after such a short compressor life. It should be well within warranty . I see how the distance is causing a major problem but Viair should offer some sort of help. Especially since you are a vendor and probably well known in your area to promote or possibly in this case turn business away from Viair.

If you have not contacted Viair directly, I would urge you to and explain to them the situation and see if they can do anything. Sounds to me like the brushes might be screwed or something.

First thing I’d try is installing a new check valve, which can cause the exact issue you’re describing.

Failing that, it’s probably something in the cylinder and piston assembly that’s gummed up or failed. Although not unheard of, motor failure would be far less likely given the age of the unit and the symptoms you’re describing.

In any case, if it’s blowing fuses for its rating, surely you can consider it as faulty and just send it back directly to Viair under warranty? Often it’s just not commercially viable for companies to rebuild components, but I’m sure they’ll inspect it for what’s caused the damage.

Although you’re a 3rd party reseller, you’re still running a business and if you contact Viair on that basis I’d be surprised if they don’t come up with some kind of amicable support solution for you. They might just send you a replacement.

you know iv noticed that with my dual 480’s. Mine have been installed for about 8 months but i noticed this a few months back. As the pressure hits around 135 it does seem to struggle. like the from 0-135, you can feel/hear them vibrate at a high frequency. as soon as it hits around 135 it drops off a cliff and vibrated at a much lower frequency. idk it that makes any sense to you guys but at least i tried to describe it.

i cant wait to get rid of my 480’s for some dual OBD2’s.

I suppose it’s hard to tell, but do you think it’s happening on both compressors? If that’s the case, it’d certainly be odd.

I’ve found a few on-line stories of Viair check valves having gone bad. I’m not sure how either of you run your intake either, but keep in mind the possibility of water or moisture ingress. The compressors run sealed bearings from what I believe so they shouldn’t suffer in terms of lubrication fouling, but things like the checkvalve could be affected quite easily by moisture.

Hey fellas, thank you for your responses:D

[SIZE=“4”]Possible I suppose, I will have to try running the first compressor on one of my set ups either on the van or the car.[/SIZE]

Lol :wink: Hey Dan, Rigo told me that Viair would send me the faulty bits if I took a photo of the parts that needed changing & send them to me free of charge:D (I have a cunning plan, I’m going to take a photo of the compressor and say thats the part I need!:wink: )
As for a sturdier compressor, lol can you please send me, free of charge, 10 of your finest compressors & I will try them out lol

Hi mate, yeah it is a ball ache, & believe me I do understand the problem with international shipping etc etc. I asked Rigo to give them a shout for me, which he kindly did.
My main gripe really was I should not be stripping a compressor that is only a week old. I am sure its going to be something stupid like the check valve.:rolleyes:

Yeah Cheers, like I said, its gotta be a check valve or a blocked air filter, i once left in the little red bung where the air filter screws in and that had the same effect, no air pumping out.
The main problem I have is that when I buy a compressor, I have to pay almost the same amount again in shipping & import duty, so I will never get those costs back, to send a compressor back to the States is about $80 and then I have to pay the import duty on the replacement & the brokerage fees!
I suppose I could just move to the states it would be cheaper! lol:D

I had a set of 480’s and they did the same thing after a while, and then a check valve failed. I changed the check valve & they were back humming away nicely:D

I ment to add, since this I dropped Rigo a few emails & they have very kindly agreed to swap the compressor/compressor. I just need to get the one back from Monster Energy to check it out.

Thank you Matt & Rigo, you are little darlings! lol ;):D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D

Awesome news! Glad to hear they got your back.

Yeahhhhhh dude, lol Except, They have been busy with the SEMA show & they forgot to post it out to me lol lol but all sorted now, compressor is now safely in the hands of UPS & wending its way across the Atlantic now:D