200 psi Tanks?

Having a hard time finding tanks to handle 200 psi.
I know guys on here are running 200 with the air-hungry Nathan K5’s.
I thought I read a post once before that someone was able to find an old tank from a semi. What is the SAE DOT rating number I would look for, if it was a 200 psi rated tank? What other options should I be considering?


I think the 5 gallon steel tanks are amongst the highest rated. Just link two or more up to suit your needs. Often it’s the compressors that are the limiting factor anyhow, since pretty much all 200 psi comps are only rated for 5 gal use (unless you buy Oasis).

Yes, tanks w/ 200 p.s.i. working pressure are hard to locate, but they are available.

McMaster-Carr carries Manchester tanks that are ASME coded and rated for 200 and 600 PSI but they are expensive.

My 15 gallon Manchester Tank was used, purchased on eBay, certified when manufactured 10 years ago, was in great shape and cost under $200, total.

This is also available new on McMaster-Carr for $285, plus shipping.

a 200 psi tank? hmmmm…https://www.hornblasters.com/products/details.php?i=hornair-black-2g6p-air-tank

I had one of these tanks that I always aired up to 200 PSI. Had no issues or problems. me personally, now a days I like to have 135 psi and I am using this… https://www.hornblasters.com/products/details.php?i=hornair-black-8g8p-air-tank

I am thinking of adding another one and swapping out my Factory A/C Compressor with either 1 or 2 oh heck! 3 York 210’s! :smiley:

It looks like the specified working pressure on both of those linked tanks is 150 p.s.i.

Air Zenith 5 gallon tank.

The Air Zenith Tank web site only lists “300psi burst proof air tank”.

It does not list the maximum working pressure.

Is the MAWP listed on a plaque on the tank?

True. I had a couple of these tanks & can’t remember if they were stamped & what they said.
I sold them to a member on the forum.

But…Air Zenith sells kits with 200psi compressors, 200psi pressure switches, and included tanks. If a guy wasn’t comfortable with that, he could call to verify rated WP.

When I configured my system, I planned for 200 p.s.i., so I verified the working pressure of all the components versus temperature to ensure the specified ratings would not be exceeded.

IMO a failure at 200 p.s.i. would be no fun.

Damn straight! Always drain your tank before doing any kind of work on your system - I learned the hard way when I had a brass check valve explode @200psi right next to my head whilst trying to crimp up a small leak. It’s left me with a bit of permanent hearing damage.




Is this a new word game…LOL?

Was the check valve rated for 200 PSI? I think brass would be rated higher.

Yeah it’s rated alright - stock Viair480 unit, except they’re not “Baffoon” rated :wink:

This is the check valve used on my system. It is a Control Devices CA-12 Load Genie Unloading Check Valve. It is a 3/8" NPT valve, rated for 3 to 12 CFM flow.

The printed data sheet included w/ the part lists a maximum working pressure of 250 p.s.i., a maximum temperature of 450°F and a maximum compressor speed of 400 R.P.M.

The internal moving mechanism could be hurt by excessive torque. The instructions specify 10 ft-lbs of tightening torque, maximum.

Load Genies are extremely torque sensitive so a good rule of thumb for the male and female ports is finger snug plus 1/4 to 1/2 turn.