200 to 150

I just wanted to clarify a question im still confused at…

my 5 gal tank is at 200 psi, i use that for my s4 kit.

now i would like to add an aplication from my tank however, it can only run at 150psi… is there any way to lower the psi only to the applications line?

or is this just not possible

It’s def. possible. Just get an Adjustable Air Valve, and use it on the Output Bung of the Tank you plan on using for the 150psi Accessory.

Yeah definetly, just need an Air regulator…you can even get a husky nice one from homedepot…:slight_smile:
Like $35

$35 just for a regulator lol?

They have a couple cheaper ones…lol. Go check it out, they’re in the airtool aisle:p

defintily…im going to do this today

i have a reg for u right here at my shop ehsan

sweeettt what do u not have LOL… ill be there today i guess after work

will has 30 of them probaly…lol

buy more of them… :slight_smile:

its not that they arnt loud cuz they are lol…just not high pitch like the videos

I’m going to need some sort of regulator myself. Something with remote ports that I can mount on the outside of my toolbox to connect hoses to.

husky had this one… it was 1/4 inch air in and out…then 2 1/8 where i had to plug one and one was for the guage…not bad for 20$…

I think you want “bulkhead fittings” for your air lines from inside to outside the toolbox. Then you can attach whatever fittings you need to the bulkhead fittings for connecting your hoses.

Some videos include a Bandit Duo (PsychoBlaster) horn running at 175 PSI. This horn is much smaller than the S4 and is thus high-pitch.

ya i think i picked that up from garrett when i was up there…

bringing this topic back up. The ones i picked up for $20 died one me. i would let me turn the adjustor…PLus it was only 1/4 NPT.

Where can i find a 1/2 in and outlet that allows me to change the PSI from 0-200? I dont wanna spend alot of money either


Are you referring to a pressure regulator with a 1/2" port that’s used on the output of a tank? With one of those you can choose the pressure coming out of the tank. You will need at least 200 PSI in the tank to get 200 out.

Wilkerson makes this one that’s available through WW Grainger for $71.90

Modular Air Line Regulator, NPT 1/2 Inch, Maximum Pressure 300 PSI, Maximum Temperature 150 Degrees Fahrenheit, Air Flow 100 CFM, Height 5.90 Inches, Width 2.90 Inches, Without Gauge, Standard 28 Series.

I would suggest getting a gauge to know where it’s set.