2002-2005 Toyota Tundra K5LA Mount:

Finally looks like I’ll have a working horn mount for use with the spare tire crossmember. -And its a 100% bolt-on.

I have one coming, as well as another for Matt’s work truck…

Does anyone else want one? If so, please PM me so we can work out the details. There will only be one build run, so if you need one - get it now or forever hold your peace.

FYI - I know that the model years are specific to my truck and Matt’s truck. Toyota may have used the same hole pattern in newer Tundras, but I don’t know for sure.

Use the template in my photo area here to check to see if the holes are the same for your application.

Then again, it could be used on any flat plate that is horizontal… so this would make it work for nearly any application.

Let me know!


Here is my plate that I made for the K5LA. Its flat which allows the horns to be tucked under tight with plenty of clearance for the airline above.

This is a direct bolt on using factory holes on the crossmember once the spare tire pully assembly was removed.

This installation took les than 5 minutes to bolt up with K5LA installed

This should be for all Tundras up to 2007

I have no idea what that last post was…i mean to say do these fit leslie mounts or just k series manifolds. Wil this fit p series and m series as well