2004 Ford Ranger

haha ive heard A LOT and when i say A LOT i mean A LOT but I havent heard anything bout the square needle hah – ill have to add that to the list

my parents are going to take care of the bills when im gone, i signed a bunch of checks and what not and made it a joint account so they can do it while im gone…no worries there

plus if i have horns on the truck while im stationed on a Marine base, i could see myself getting into trouble and i dunno if thats what i want haha

Well, God bless you. Thank you for having the ballz to enlist and the sense of duty to serve. I personally wish you the best.

Nitrogen will cause the horn to make a lower pitch than using air. Makes the horn sound a little retarded.

really? and uping the pressure will change nothing with sound correct?

Upping the pressure should increase output, but won’t change pitch much. The pitch is lowered by the density of the nitrogen, just like Hydrogen raises pitch. Ever heard what a person sounds like when they inhale nitrogen and talk?

never, i have never actually worked with nitrogen just argon and stuff used in a welding shop…didnt know if you inhaled nitrogen you got a change in voice either thought that was only used with helium

Actually, I am totally wrong. Air is actually heavier (and denser) than nitrogen. Nitrogen makes up 78% of air and oxygen makes up 21% of air. The other 1% is argon and carbon dioxide. Inhaling nitrogen does not change your voice and using it in a horn should not affect the pitch. Sorry for the confusion. I need to go back to the third grade. :stuck_out_tongue: Anyway, I think the cost of using compressed nitrogen would be pretty high. Good luck in boot camp and thanks for your service.

actually i called around i can get a waist high tank for 250 ill own the tank, filling it is 20-25 bucks, and using it just for horns, would last anywhere from 2-4 weeks just depends on how much you honk (which i dont do much) so for now i think im leaning towards the nitrogen since i traded all my compressors and tanks for other truck parts it was a deal i couldnt pass up lol