2004 Ford Ranger

I drive an 04’ ranger with right now about 11" lift with a solid front axle, ive been through the bolt on suspension lifts and wanted bigger so cut off everything and started over

thats all that I have mounted right now, im still thinking about ditching the compressors and stuff for a nitrogen tank, anybody have pros and cons about that? Ive seen people run them with no problems just don’t know much about it

then before the K3H set i had a P3 set

had those mounted in 3-4 places, finally got rid of them tho

i have to find other pics of the older set ups but nothing to brag about



thanks its nothing to really big just loud its hidden and i like it (:

nitrogen needs to be refilled where a compressor works all the time.

Do you take it off road?

What a türd

no sir, been a few times but since the horns have been mounted under the bed, like the in pics above…

if you ran a nitrogen tank you would have a regulator on it with a hose going to the valve and connected to the horns correct? nothing else is needed?


nitrogen is the best compressed gas to use from a tank without using a compressor?

nice truck man nothing better than the sound of a p3!

K3s or K5s haha but true a P3 has a very distinct sound…

Good question! I think you get more use out of a tank of nitrogen than Co2.

NASCAR uses nitrogen in their tires because there’s no moisture in it so the tire pressure won’t change when they get hot. This might prevent ice from forming in the air lines.

I’m not sure about the moisture content of Co2 but you might want to compare the cost of it vs. nitrogen and then determine the amount of use you can get from each one.

nice truck… i wouldnt use nitrogen… just cuz it sucks everytime u gotta get the tank filled back up… i would stick with compressors… not gonna make a difference in sound so why change…

also what r u using for brake lights and reverse lights?? lol i dont see any leds…looks like u shaved ur tails

well i was told that using Co2 isnt good because its so cold when used and the moisture that it could freeze the valve up and thats the last thing that i would want to happen, cost wise i dont know how much Co2 is, ive got a full size Co2 tank im trying to sell locally so i can get a nitrogen tank just no buyers yet – but nitrogen will be what i use more then likely if nobody buys the horns i got for sale…so we will see

Why are you selling your K3?

going into the marine Corps leave in 18 days for boot camp, and going 3-4 months without a paycheck sucks…trying to get some extra cash…

i do have brake lights they are molded into the tailgate 15" LED strip just hard to see in that pic

You won’t need a lot of money because the military feeds you, clothes you, and gives you a place to sleep.

They don’t pay much but they used to issue paychecks twice a month, don’t they still do that?

u still get a paycheck every 2 weeks while in boot camp,also nice truck,the money goes directly into ur bank account givin to u by the gov

right but if you have bills they still have to be payed none of the bank loans/credit cards would hold payments they just lowered the interest rates but still have to be paid…its not much but id rather sell em instead of just sit you know…

the money you get at boot camp will pay for uniforms, and your shower crap, razors, and mailing stuff…then you get what is left over from boot camp i think they said its like 1000 bucks…but i dunno yet…ill find out I have to report to Parris Island on January 26th but if they dont sell ill just throw the compressors back on the truck since it was gutted and honk away!

set up a automatic widthdrawl with ur billing people

Have people been preparing you for what’s in store, like warning you that the DI’s are going to see if you can put up with a lot of BS , and I mean alot, as well as take orders?

Did they warn you about the shot you get in the left nut with a square needle? Don’t believe them, it’s a round needle in the right nut…:rolleyes: