2005 Volvo V70R Station Wagon

My crowning achievement. I cant believe its in there.

When i replaced my 2003 xc90 with this 2005 Volvo V70R. I took all the air horn stuff out before i sold it. I would walk past the pile of airhorn stuff. I would reminisce about all the good times we had and all the bad too. I would play back the fun time we had rolling thru NYC manhatten @ times square. We had a green light coming up the avenue. all these pedestrians about 250 people 8 people deep starts crossing the street like they didnt care to get hit by a car. when i laid on the horn, all i heard were screams and instantly knew how moses felt when he was parting the red sea! those were some fun times rolling thru the city.

My withdrawals were soo bad, like a crackhead that went cold turkey. I was plotting and scheming for days on end before i came up with this install.

Vehicle has the following stuff inside:

[li]Dual Viair 480C Pumps[/li][li]5 gallon round tank[/li][li]OEM Factory Spare tire[/li][li]Stinger SPP2150 extra large battery[/li][li]upped it to 200PSi[/li][li]Kenwood XR4 4 channel amp[/li][li]Pioneer PRS-D800 Amp for sub[/li][li]OEM Factory third row seating[/li][li]Tow Hitch Class 1/2[/li][li]Audiovox 10.2" LED DVD overhead screen[/li][/ul]
All this stuff stays in the car, even with the third row seat opened.

Here she is dressed up to go out

Here she is in full work horse mode


One compressor in void behind rear wheel

@SS Shot

Money shot, yes they are there

This is what my trunk looks like…no tanks no nothing to be seen

I get flamed on my volvo forums, they all say ima @sshole for doing this stuff…all i can say is lemme honk at you for a second LOL…

here is the link for reference…dam a holes :slight_smile:

Nice! A word of caution - mounting the compressor upside down will shorten its duty cycle because heat rises into its body. Air flow while driving will help to cool it a little.

Cool stuff i might add…

Compustar Pro 901SS Two way paging Alarm Remote Starter. With DroneMobile GPS Phone Device.

Horns are setup to go off in the event of a alarm. Horns are also set up for a 2 second aux 1 channel pulse, for fun. Aux 2 is on the remote 1/2" dump valve. This way i can remote honk it and remote dump from my cell phone! When the alarm goes off in this car, OMG watch out! This is a car that will make a ton of noise, give me GPS notifications, text alerts and email alerts.

dont worry about the compressor. if it was such a major deal then there would be hundreds upon hundreds thrown away since in the minitruck scene usually has the compressors in any spot possible

When i talked to Lance from Viair one year at Sema Show in Vegas. He advised me to avoid mounting them vertical always horizontal. Says really main concerns are to make sure pump has a clean filtered air supply and no unnecessary wear on the piston in the pump.

Sure heat rises, sure heat will cause failures. The question is what is the Mean Time Between Failure? Had my pumps upside down outside for 2 winters and 2 summers in my XC90, Just went thru one summer and going thru one winter with my V70R.

I think running these two ViAir 480C’s are over kill for my application. Your advice is appreciated. :slight_smile:

Thats a clean setup. I havent seen many volvos that catch my eye, but im a fan. Decent stance, cool plate, and the silver on black looks great


heres some pics of the setup in the car.

Very nice setup! Have always loved the Volvo!

Dan is correct in stating that the compressor is not recommended to be mounted upside down. Sure it’s possible. It’s also possible to always run your vehicle at a high RPM non stop. It will eventually shorten the life span of the vehicle.

P.S. Not all minitruckers mount their compressors anywhere possible :smiley:

(Coming from a female minitrucker) :stuck_out_tongue:

I hate to sound like a broken record but everyone who has talked about it is right. The Compressor will wear out pretty fast being mounted upside down. Of course I shouldn’t be talking hence the fact my air tank on my truck is mounted upside down as well. :stuck_out_tongue:


There is nothing wrong with the tank being mounted upside down as long as the drain is on the bottom and the pressure switch isn’t :smiley: