2006 jeep wrangler set up anyone?

Just wondering if anyone has installed a shocker system on a 2006 jeep wrangler. If so i would like to see how you mounted your horns and tank.

you should have plnty of room for horns in the engine compartment ive seen a p3 in an older jeep wrangler and they havent changed much. I have a jeep cherokee. Id put a link up but im lazy im sure you can find it

i dont know i looked under the hood and i dont see how i can fit them there

therse horns seperate, into 4 pieces and can literally be mounted anywhere…tank would go in the back depending on size

ya i know you can mount them anywhere but just looking everywhere on my jeep makes it look like its going to be hard. hope i can figure out something that doesnt look trashy

its all gonna be hidden…take a pics of the engine area and under it and ppl will prob let u kno where

I used to have horns in my enigine compartment and i bought a cold air intake from maxair that came over the valve cover and went to the other side freeing up all the space on the left side of the engine. stock air boxes and filters take up alot of room and if you can bring the intake to the other side you should have ample room. It did cost mee around 200 xtra but it was worth it to have them in the engine bay

Also almost all horns like s4s and nathan are virtually weatherproof

Is yours a 3.4 v6 or the IL 4.0

its the 4.0L

nice 4.0 is a great engine post some pics of possible areas youd put the horns and we can help better



Are you opposed to cutting the stock exhaust off and putting a dual chamber flowmaster or something else as quite as what you have to free up the space?

cant afford that right now but i plan on doing a exhaust in the future

Sounds like you should wait until your can free up some space that way. were you wanting a nathan airchime or what?

Roof setup lol. jp Just for perspective, the shocker bells are about the size of a coke can, and can range from like 2 feet and down. so the bells are not Super big

well if they are as big as a coke can i think i can figure out something. guess i will find out feb. 13 thats when they will be here HOOOOOOOONNNNKKK

awesome good luck with the install

just wondering can the horns on the shocker kit be zip tied or is that a bad idea?

Im not sure i think its cool but i do know you can catch some hell on the forum for it. lol