2006 Pierce Dash 105' Rear mounted aerial project

I guess I should get off the introduction forum and into the correct forum.

Problems I think I’m going to run into.

  1. Location of the K5LA. I don’t know the actual dimensions of one, but by pictures that I have seen it is rather sizeable. Please review pics of truck.

  2. Air - Location of an air tank is not going to be an issue. Piping it may be an issue. The cab does tilt forward to get to the Engine. So the whole thing may need to be mounted somewhere in the cab portion. Diameter of piping, maximum length of hose “must be flexible”, pressure, etc. etc.

  3. Quality stuff - Since were going to do this, we’re not going to duct tape and bubble gum it together. I’m hoping that I can chrome the horns and manifold.

  4. Activation - This may be an issue. I don’t want a valve to open and close. A chain hanging would be prefered.

Since I was taking pics of the truck. I figured i’d give you guys a shot of what it looks like straight up 105’ looking back down.

That’s all I can think of so far. Please ask any questions. Please keep in mind that when it comes to horns, I’m about as good as you guys are to pumping an engine at the proper gpm based off of your engine pressure. So please treat me as someone who just doesn’t know.


All the above pictures compressed into a zip file.


  1. Length: 16.25 in
    Width: 29.75 in
    Height 9.25 in
    Weight: 26.75 lbs

2)You can locate the tank as far away from the horns as need be. this is not a big deal, You will just want to mount the valve as close to the horns as possible.

  1. If you purchase a brand new horn from HornBalsters.com they come in bare aluminum. You could polish these out or you could have them chromed or powder coated.

4)The downside of having a manual valve to activate the horns will be the fact you will have to run air line from your tank to the valve and then back to the horn. An electric valve will just need wires run to the activation location.

Ouch… well, I think that eliminates mounting it anywhere on the roof. I was hoping to be able to mount just under the stick. I can’t move the emergency lights though. Does it HAVE to have the manifold?

hrmmm. Up underneath the stick towards the turntable is a breathing tank for working at the end of the stick. It isn’t used and will never be used. It holds 150CuFt of air. Will have be big enough? Cause we may use that since it’s all mounted and ready to go. just have to change the valve.

Is it better to buy new or used?

Ok, that makes sense. What minimum fitting, valve, and hose size would I want to go with?

Thanks a lot for this information.

No it does not need the manifold, you can purchase custom brackets from Curt.
Used is cheaper and can sound good as new if they are in decent shape.

No less than 1/2 inch valve and tubing imo.




Oh man … the second video is the good one. It straight up puts the regular emergency horn to shame.


i want that circle spinny thing in the front lol

Who would Curt be?

You know you can get a pull chain that activates an electric solenoid right?

Put another foot pedal in. Then go to town.