200psi hb4h shocker

i just put down the money for

this http://www.hornblasters.com/products/details.php?item=HK-S4-V238

and http://www.hornblasters.com/products/details.php?item=HBESSENTIAL

if any wants to send me some extra decals i take them

(this is going on my grandma’s car because she like mine)

for your GRANDMA??? :eek:

LMAOOOO thats awesome:D

wow u have an awesome grandmom…haha!

kick donkey

That’s hilarious. If my grandmother wasn’t senile then she might want one too. What an awesome Grandma you have!

ok why did you post your tracking #? =)

haha ima be waitin at his door step…lol jk

My grandma would have a heart attack if she blew a train horn LOL.

Honestly my grandmother (god rest her soul) bought me my first train horn, it was a american tuned nathan airchime k-5la for $60 clams at a swap meet, the guy who was selling it said he didnt know what it was and looked like some sort of sounding object, i knew what it was and he told me, that he wanted $60.00 for it

I think it’s great she wants to run with train horns. I trust she won’t be running with the “2 in the pink, 1 in the stink” bumper sticker though ?


“2 in the grass, 1 in her donkey” lol