20lb co2 tank

Well as the title states i just picked up a 20 lb co2 bottle for free. I have a Leslie supertyfon or rs3l how ever its called. I plan on running 1/2" line and an elec valve on the horns it self. Can any give any input if there using this type of air source? I used a 10lb b4 with my truck horns but they required a lot less air . Thanx for the input

I am in the same route…got a 20lb co2 tank(the ones used for soda fountain) with a regulator…
We could have here probably 90 gallons @ 150 psi, but I have been understanding there is some restriction at the output of the regulator, which I think is 1-4"…

Any solutions?

again, check this website - http://powertank.com/

Only really really expensive stuff with too little information!

I thought you might find an answer from their FAQ’s

For best horn performance you need a air tank in between the co2 bottle and the horns. I run mine with a 80 cu ft nitrogen tank with regulator piped to a 5 Gallon tank, then thru another high flow regulator and on to my K3. Pressure is 170 from bottle regulator to tank, then down to 110 psi to the horns.

Best heard so far!
But I don’t think I have space for the 5 gallon tank…

I originally ran my K3 without the extra 5 gal tank and the horns sounded ok to me. I added the 5 gal tank when I switched to a graham white manual valve to sound the horns.
I was lucky to have enough room for the tank.

So its no worth byuing regulator, tank, bla bla bla…?

If you have a co2 tank and a regulator to lower the tank pressure going to your horns it should work ok.

Yes, I have a 20lb tank, with the regulator to bring psi from 0-150.
I will connect the k3 just with this to start.
So there was no gain adding the 5gallon tank?

Whats the output fitting on the co2 tank?
You can fill the tank to 2000 psi , but if you only have a small outlet through the tank or regulator, you will get a bottle neck and will restrict all your volume.

I think it is 3/8

Honestly, 3/8" is not big enough for a k3. Your better off with the shockers. or a tank with 1/2" output.

Check out this video … http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oJwoW4WIafo

Very good video! Thanks, now I know what “not enough cfm” sounds like…
The problem is, I have already paid for the k3, they have been shipped. If anything, a buffer tank will be the solution, so I will be trying with a buffer and without a buffer tank, with a 1/2 inch output…

^^^ fyi - in that video, he is starting out with 3/8" OD airline. That’s 1/4" ID.

I wish there were more details on the co2 setups that work.
We know it can be done. It can’t be rocket science…

When you get this working, could you please list a model number of the regulator and whatever valve you use?

I will edit the first post with the solution, comparison…
Don’t worry!

There is a gain. I added the 5 gal tank to make sure there was no restriction problem when I added the manual valve. The outlet on my nitrogen tank is 3/8" at the regulator.
Also, if anyone is interested I can give them a few details on parts used.

Yes please I am… Let us know everything…