24v compressor?

Does anyone know if Viair do a 24v compressor?

I have had an enquiry into fitting a 24v compressor and tank onto a fishing trawler. The electrics are 24v.

Any help would be grrrrrrreeeeaaatttlllyy appreciated:D

Would this work? if theres a 24v battery I could step it down, however I am concerned at the start up currents drawn by the compressor.


If you pick a 12v compressor you will know what size fuse to use.
Then find a converter (similar to the one in your link) that will handle slightly more than your fuse.

But do you reckon it will be able to handle the duty cycle? I have found a 30Amp converter, that should do the trick!:confused:

The only things I can think of that have listed duty cycles are our compressors and welders.
There are probably more, but it should be listed in it’s description. I would assume 30amps at 12v constant, but it wouldn’t hurt to ask the manufacturer.

Does it have any thermal protection like a car audio amplifier?

Viair’s website has 24V models in the industrial category.

Oasis models are also available in 24V. They typically draw 80 amps with a peak of 90.

Thanks Dan the man - mucho appreciated:D

I have now since contacted HornBlasters HQ and have all the info required:D