275C replacement parts?

I took apart my 275C for the first time after more than a year of use.

the usual 275C quality :wink: a little dust inside due to normal wear or some dust that got through the filter. cylinder is still smooth inside, bearings are still tight. no obvious loosened parts. just did a little cleaning.

except for one, the PTFE piston ring. there is a little tear about a couple mm long. the pump has slowed a bit from what I remembered although it can still pump to 125psi no problem but Iā€™m sure the tear will start growing bigger and bigger later.

To Lance: is a replacement piston/crank assembly available for the 275C? or did I just found a reason to upgrade? :smiley:

Yes, a replacement is available.
Please PM me for pricing or contact Hornblasters to purchase.

I timed it again with the engine running, from 0psi to 125psi on a 2gal tank and it did 3min 30sec. so it must still be pumping good.

anyways, you got PM. :slight_smile: