2nd day of having my HB 240 Shockers

I finally got em’! I got my neighbor (electrican) to install the kit, all I have to do is mow his lawn once.
I installed the compressor switch and a button I got from lowes to the left of my steering wheel.
I drive a 2001 Mitsubishi Eclipse. I blew that sucker today and no one suspected me!
Haha. About 20 minutes ago I installed the horn button. We took a victory lap to wal-mart, and on the way back my brother blasted this lady in an apartment complex. She double-took my car then RAN to her door!!! :smiley: Jesus I almost peed myself. I MIGHT be videotaping some scares this weekend…
I love these things!!!
-P.S I’ll probably get pictures of em’ soon.

nce have fun

nice bro glad u like the horns