2nd hand system?? Ship to UK?

I’m so pleased with my horns…but the time has come after three years, I need to upgrade.

Loads of people over here in the UK on the different Jap car forums I frequent, love my HORNS, and I have 5 or six mates that want to do the same kinda thing as me.

However, I want to go bigger & better & continue to promote Hornblasters.com over here in the UK.

So I’m looking for not a mega mega loud system, but one that will last longer than 10secs & is half as loud again as my current little Siege system.

Has anyone got any 2nd hand stuff lying around that they want to sell? And willing to ship out to the UK? or can anyone help me find an upgrade?

Any help appreciated! loving the site guys! keep up the good work!

hornblasters.com… buy a new shocker system wont be dissapointed…