3/8 line vs 1/2 line

i found this video…time to upgrade to 1/2 line lmao…

also thanks to the member who suggested i get the 1/2 inch…

(not my video)


Get 1/2" ID… Which would be 5/8" OD - Woke up my horns!

Definately do not use 3/8" OD. That is like the first part of the video.
3/8" ID is like the upgrade in the video.
Silvy is talking a step further with 1/2" ID.

So be careful as to what you’re getting/asking. When we originally talked, I was under the impression that you have 3/8" ID rubber hose on your current horn.

i mistyped lol, i meant from 3/8 not to lol…another quick question…

should i run 1/2 from my tank to ball valve to horns? or run 1/2 to everything

(rv2 mopar ac compressor for air)

Simple question, lol. Are you talking inside diameter (ID) or outside diameter (OD)?
It makes a difference.

Or answer this simple question. Rubber air hose or plastic DOT tubing?

sorry i get carried away an forgot to answer it…im using rubber air hose for like an air compressor on my 2 in that video i showed

Ok, that is measured by the ID. You have 3/8" ID hose.
In the video, he upgraded to 3/8" ID…but it is DOT tubing so it is called 1/2" OD.
You have the same size.

Now a whole different animal is what Silvy is talking about. 1/2" ID.

Most people have what you have, but some have gone beyond that and say it’s great.

ok so im kinda confused…the dot 1/2 inch is really 3/8 air hose lol?..if so im set then i guess

1/2" Outer Diameter, 3/8" Inner Diameter. I’m guessing that all DOT tubing of that diameter has that thickness of tubing.

Correct… If you are holding a piece of tubing up and looking through it, the hole inside is obviously smaller than the outside tube diameter…
The inside is the “money”… Or what matters most.

ooooh ok i get it lol…i just read that video descrip…i get over excited when it comes to things like this…so yes the 3/8 ID has a 1/2 OD…right…or some such bs lol…

glad i dont hafta rip out my line now

…unless you want to upgrade! LOL

So can a tube be D.O.T. approved be actually thicker tubing? Like say a 5/8" O.D. tube can be 3/8" I.D. and still be D.O.T. approved? I mean, it would no doubt surpass the toughness standards if it’s made out of the same quality materials. …Or thinner tubing if the material is superior? Just curious if I ever go asking at my tube n hose shop for more tubes, if I need to verify O.D. to I.D. ratios.

I dont even bother with local stores when it comes to fittings and tubing…

Hornblasters should have everything you need up to 1/2" OD… If you wanna go bigger to 5/8" or 3/4" OD, then check out www.airridefittings.com

Thats where i got all my 5/8 fittings from and airline. I believe my line is pressure rated (burst) up to some crazy # like 1200 psi

I am totally new and building my first set of PVC horns and trying to get it setup and working. Just got the horns built and am not totally satisfied with the results yet. I am thinking more air is the answer?

Forgive my ignorance but if I switch to 1/2 inch, dont I have to change ALL of the fittings? If the fitting on the horn is 3/8 then 1/2 inch hose is still going to be restricted to 3/8 once it gets to the fitting.

My modified horns eat a 5/8 ID airline!

New to this forum and have found some very helpful info. Just wanted to put in my two cents about 1/2 inch ID rubber air hose. Remember if your inner diameter is 1/2 inch and you use barb fitting, the barb fitting inner diameter is 3/8 which creates bottleneck.